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An architecture based on Symfony

Sounds sexy, right ? We use the most advanced frameworks in back and front end development. If you are familiar with it, you will handle it like your own custom lightsaber.

Business Intelligence

Victoire was build to create custom complex websites.

Concretely, Victoire is able to list and store your business entities in your back office and display them on your site in a few clicks - without having to manually copy, one by one, the texts and images of these business entities.

Kickass Front-End Edition

Every content is embed into a specific widget. You can create all the things you want and edit them easily with a Front-end interface.

Creation mode Création

This mod allows you to add content into your website like images, text, buttons, links, carousel, forms ect…

Preview mode Preview

A simple clic on this icon will show you how a visitor will see your website.

Edition mode Edition

Quickly switch between creation and edition to change the content of your website.

Of course it’s responsive !

Victoire allows you to create a website that fits all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Thanks to its different modes of view at your disposal, you can choose to display your contents differently according to the device used.


One of our concerns is to give you all the keys to making your site more visible.

We make sure that your site code is clean and meets Google's criteria.

We also provide you with many tools to help you carry out your SEO strategy.


This feature allows you to create one or several blogs linked to your website or manage the existing one.

A blog can be useful if you want to advise your users on the use of your products and / or services, to build your expertise but also from a point of view of natural SEO.

Github Check out our widgets bundles on Github

We create widgets to simplify the developing process. With this way you can capitalize across the different projects without developing new stuff all the time. You create one widget and use different themes for different projects. You can also create a widget by yourself, or use themes to adapt the look and feel of existing widgets.

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